Variations and Creations of Man's Best Friend

Variations and Creations of Man's Best Friend

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About Variations & Creations

There are different head types, ears types, neck types, body types, front types, rear types, tail types, and feet types on man's best friends. There are different coat types, coat colors, and mixes of colors and coat growth patterns.   

For the bather, groomer, and stylist, this information sets the stage for you to excel in the art of grooming and styling the canine. 

This unique book has all the answers. Understand why it is challenging to create a round head on a Bichon with incorrect ear types and earsets. Learn the difference between a terrier front and rear and a Poodle front and rear. Study the difference between the square body type on a Poodle and a square terrier body type on the Fox Terrier. 

If you are a professional bather, groomer, stylist, or beginner with plans on a new career in styling dogs, you must have this information to achieve your ultimate goals!